About us

Track record

With 25 years’ experience in property investment, we help our clients invest well.

We explain how we’ve achieved 28% returns pa, over the past 25 years.


We help clients from over 40 countries around the globe to invest in buy to let property in the UK. Sandstone clients recognise our services as ‘unique’ among property investment companies in the UK.

Below you can read some of our client success stories. Hear about why they embarked on their UK property investing journey, how they became property investors, and most importantly what they think about us.

Are you thinking about investing in the buy to let property market? An important part of any new client coming on board is to actively encourage them to speak to at least one existing UK property investment client. It’s the best way for you, a potential buy to let property investor, to hear straight from the lion’s mouth.


Find out about our clients and what they say about us.


Early and rapid growth:

1997  – Peter bought his first property. Helped friends to invest.

1998 – Peter opened his first office at 122 St Stephen St in Edinburgh and helped Edinburgh and helped friends to invest.

1999 – Expanded rapidly. Growth came from happy clients referring friends.

2000 – Expanded offices into 124, then 128 St Stephen St.

2001 – Expanded into third city.

2004 – Moved to larger offices at Coates Crescent, Edinburgh.



2005 – Expanded into two English cities

2006 – Launched first £100m fund.

2007 – Second £100m fund launched. Now operating in 10 UK cities.

2008 – Banks collapse in financial crisis! No GP clients impacted.



2009 – Launch partner network in the Middle East to counter financial crisis.

2010 – Launched partner network in Hong Kong and Singapore.

2011 – Launched partner network in China.

2014 – We help sell funds.



2019 – Peter Grant returned as CEO and implements a growth strategy.

2020 – Launch of Sandstone to help larger clients to invest more easily.

2020 – Launch of Applecross to offer on-line investment in four languages.

People + Values

Our values help us deliver great service, safety, growth and making a difference.

Our core values are: 

  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Personal responsibility
  • Solutions
  • Innovation
  • Safety
  • Growth
  • Making a difference

As a business, we help clients to make money… and we create safe and affordable homes to rent.

Meet our team

Meet our talented team of individuals.